I am Sajda Blackwell, a resident of West Philadelphia who understands the pressing issues that our district faces. Here are my proposals to bring positive changes regarding gun violence, financial literacy, affordable housing, mental health, food security and environmental sustainability:

Gun ViolenceGun violence is a pressing issue that demands immediate attention. Here are my proposals to address this crisis:

Common-Sense Gun Control: We will advocate for common-sense gun control measures, including universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole, and implementing restrictions on high-capacity magazines and assault weapons. From the state level I want to help Philadelphia fight harmful gun preemption laws that are aiding the gun violence plague. 
Community Policing and Accountability: I will strengthen the relationship between our community and police force by implementing community watch groups who will deter criminal activity and ensure accountability for law enforcement officers involved in misconduct.
Investing in Youth and Community Programs: I will champion increased funding for youth programs, safe spaces, mentorship initiatives, job training, and mental health services to provide young individuals with tangible alternatives to violence.
State Police Hot Spot Project: This program will utilize State Police to do public safety walks and patrol the identified Hot Spot Areas in West Philadelphia. 

Financial Literacy:Financial literacy is the foundation of economic empowerment. To address this, I propose the following initiatives:

Comprehensive Financial Education: We will prioritize comprehensive financial education in our schools and ensure that every student graduates with a strong understanding of budgeting, saving, investing, and managing debt.
Community Financial Centers: We will establish community-based financial centers that offer free financial counseling, workshops, and resources honing in on residents facing economic challenges.
Access to Banking Services: I will work to increase access to affordable banking with community banks and credit unions in underserved areas of our district.  Everyone deserves the ability to utilize the benefits of the financial system.

Affordable Housing:Affordable housing is a fundamental right. To address the housing crisis in our district, I propose the following policies:

Affordable Housing Initiatives: We will invest in affordable housing initiatives, including rent control, renter protections, and incentives for developers to build affordable housing units.
       (Our homes are our piece of earth our little piece of earth. )
Homeownership Assistance: We will create programs that provide first-time homebuyers with down payment assistance to ensure homeownership is accessible to more residents.
Tenant Rights: I will fight for stronger tenant rights, including protections against unjust evictions and housing discrimination.

Mental Health:Mental health is crucial but is often an overlooked aspect of our well-being. To address this, I propose:

Mental Health Services Expansion: We will allocate funding to expand access to mental health services, particularly in underserved communities, ensuring that individuals can receive the care they need.
School-Based Mental Health Programs: I will advocate for mental health programs in our schools to provide students with the support and resources necessary to address their emotional well-being.
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Food Insecurity:No one should go hungry in our district. To combat food insecurity, I propose the following actions:

Expand Food Assistance Programs: We will work to expand and streamline food assistance programs like SNAP to ensure that families have access to nutritious meals.
Community Food Initiatives: We will support community gardens, urban farming, and farmers’ markets to increase access to fresh and locally sourced food in underserved areas.
End Food Deserts: I will lead efforts to eliminate food deserts by incentivizing grocery stores and markets to open in underserved neighborhoods, providing all residents with convenient access to healthy food options.

Based on the environmental stances, I’ve crafted a 7-point environmental policy:

1. Increase Environmental Regulations to Combat Climate Change**: Stronger environmental regulations and incentives for alternative energy production are essential to combating the immediate dangers we face with climate change.
2. Support Sustainable Energy Technologies**: I will advocate for government support in sustainable energy technologies, such as tax credits and subsidies for the wind power industry to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
3. Promote Employment, Job training and partnership with our Unions to build Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Subsidies**: I will support the development of a network of electric vehicle charging stations that use renewable energy sources to fuel vehicles and advocate for government subsidies for individuals purchasing electric vehicles.
4. Expand Urban Green Spaces: Establish more parks and green areas in urban neighborhoods. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves air quality, which is particularly beneficial for low-income areas often lacking in green spaces.
5. Promote Energy Efficiency Programs for Small and Mid Housing Developers : Implement subsidized energy audits and energy efficiency upgrades for homes and apartments, focusing on low and mid-income households. This can help reduce energy bills, a significant portion of monthly expenses for these households.
6. Develop Affordable Public Transportation: Improve and expand public transportation options, making them more eco-friendly (like electric buses). Affordable and efficient public transport reduces reliance on private vehicles, thus cutting down on emissions and transportation costs for residents. *Good for the district in center City.
7. Support Local Sustainable Businesses: Encourage and provide incentives for local businesses that follow sustainable practices. This could include tax breaks or grants for small businesses that prioritize environmental friendliness, creating jobs and fostering a green economy within the community.

These policies are grounded in the principles of West Philadelphia Families, and I believe they align with the values of Democratic and liberal voters in our district, but moreover Real People. Real people who want real change. Together, we can empower our community with financial literacy, reduce gun violence, ensure affordable housing, and eradicate food insecurity, creating a more equitable and prosperous 10th Pennsylvania House District.

I am eager to collaborate with you, listen to your concerns, and work tirelessly to implement these policies in our state legislature. Together, we can build a better future for all of us. Thank you for your support and trust.

Sajda Blackwell 

Let’s build a better today! While building a better tomorrow